Monday, February 24, 2014

Multiple Meaning Words

My sweet baby boy turned ONE last week! 
I can't believe it's been a year already!
Here he is on his party day this past Saturday. Such a big boy!

Moving on....I've been working on a packet for an upcoming skill and it's taken me about a week to get it pushed out, because I wanted to make it worthwhile.

We have to test our kiddos on Multiple Meaning Words. We had to last year and the only thing I did was talk about a word and have to draw the two pictures that go with it.

So, I hope I've made this packet to make this skill a little more enjoyable.

This packet includes 27 real picture flashcards. Each flashcard has the word written on it and hopefully the pictures I chose make it easy to understand for the kiddos. I have these printed off on card stock and plan to introduce them to my students first and then use them in a memory matching game. I am even thinking about using them in my Writing Daily. I want to put them on a ring and let them use them as a reference.

My packet also includes a "Draw the Room" activity. This is much like Write the Room, but the students will draw the pictures instead of write the words (even though, I have a space on the recording sheet for the students to write the words as well). 

There is an Emergent Reader that focuses on a few of the Multiple Meaning Words and the sight word THIS. There are 2 versions. The first one lets the students trace the Multiple Meaning Word, the second lets them spell the word on their own.

Lastly, there are two easy assessment pages. One pages allows the students to look a the two pictures and circle the word that matches the pictures. The second page allows the students to draw the matching picture. Ex: students will see a bat (animal) drawn and in the corresponding box will have to draw a baseball bat.

*winners have been chosen*

If you're ready to try it now, you can click on the picture above for the link or click HERE!


  1. trip: a vacation or to fall

    pick me!!

  2. scale: what makes up a fish's skin or what you use to weigh things

    I'd love to win this!!! :)

    1. Hey Lindsey, You were one of the winners and your email address bounced back to me. Do you have another one? Thanks!

  3. star: a large ball of glowing gas or a famous actor/ actress
    I would love to win!!

  4. Swell.....when something expands and what my Grampa used to say when ever someone asked how he felt:).
    Thank you! This is great!

  5. can- something you are able to do or a container for food
    well - good or a hole for water
    Thank you for targeting this skill and making it manageable for kinders!

    1. Hi Cathy! You were one of my winners! Please send me your email address!

  6. bill = money bill and duck bill

  7. mouse - animal; mouse - computer device