Friday, February 15, 2013

Scooting Again

Hi All!

I meant to have this ready to post yesterday, but V-Day became a CRAZY day for me. To keep some of you up to date, I've been MIA because I'm pregnant and the blog went on the back burner. I've been on bed rest for the past 2 weeks and have been trying to start creating again while doing limited work around the house.

My due date is March 11. However, after my check-up yesterday, my doctor has decided that it would be better beneficial for me and baby Mason if we delivered early. I'm on bed rest because of high blood pressure and high protein levels. Eventually that can lead to preeclampsia. Something I definitely do not want to go through nor put the baby through. So as of yesterday, my due date was moved up 2 1/2 weeks!!!  I'm being induced NEXT Wednesday...say WHAT??!!

So we are trying our best to get things finished up around the house and then we get a call that my dad voluntarily went to the ER for recent chest pains and possible stroke like symptoms. Well, they ended up keeping him over night and this morning they keep saying that his tests are coming back with good readings yet he's still being held and will probably stay another night.

He's fine and is talking and just restless sitting up there, but at the same time we are wondering why he's not been released yet when they say he's ok and can't find anything wrong..ugh! Frustrating.

Anyway, I finished another Scoot game today. This one is with CVC words.  I want to thank my 3 winners who commented Wednesday. They had some great ideas and I will definitely look in to them. Hopefully I'll still have time to get some work done in these next few days before baby comes.

Here are the ideas they had:
Kari said she hides her cards around the room and kiddos do it as a literacy center.
Brandy does hers as a whole group activity, they start at their desk and she highlights the number they start on to cut down on confusion, then she sets a timer and gives them 20 seconds a card! If they don't get it, they just move on to the next one. When she rings her bell at the 20 second mark, they all shout out "Scoot!"
Christine wants one with 3d shapes. I'll get on that one soon!!

Are you ready?! I'm doing the same thing again. First 3 followers to comment will get their copy for FREE! However, if you won one on Wednesday, you are not eligible for this round. Please leave your email address and a comment on your favorite way to play Scoot OR another way you review CVC words in your classroom.

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