Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to Work

Well, I actually went back last week. It was amazing that just after one day with NO KIDS my blood pressure was already elevated. Just thinking about what needs to be done in the next 2 months before I take maternity leave is STRESSFUL! Any hints from y'all who've been through this before?!

So of course, true to self, we had a great 2 days last week with The Mitten, but did I take pictures??

Ha Ha!

Do I ever?!

Anyway, we read the story and did an easy and simple writing activity. I didn't want to totally over work the kiddos on their first day back. So I don't have a picture, but I have a pin, because this was from my friend Jessica over at Under the Alphabet Tree.  You have to scroll down a little bit, but you can go through her other awesome activities.

Then Friday, we made our own mitten and animals that go with the story. We read through the story twice and the kiddos put their animals in their mitten then when the bear sneezed, they flung their mittens to try and get the animals out. It was pretty cute. A little crazy, but FUN! Plus they reviewed sequencing! SCORE!

Now we are back for our first full week. The kids were great today. I'm trying a new schedule and they jumped right in with me. We seemed to flow a bit better which is great. The first semester was rough. A lot of us on my team felt that we could just not get the kids under control because our schedule was all over the place.

Some of it is still not perfect, but the flow seemed better today. Hopefully it wasn't just beginners luck and it will go well again tomorrow.

This week I'm working on February and March Homework Packets. I really need to get April and May together too for my interim...or should I let her do her own thing??  Suggestions are welcome!

Have a great week for those of you who are just going back!