Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A post A week - writing issues with the blog and classroom

This may be the best y'all get.

I am trying my best to get motivated, but there's no motivation. I have been at the top of the blogging world and introduced you to new bloggers and have created freebies and put a few things on TPT, but I have no motivation to blog.

You all know that I'm pregnant and the end is near. I am focusing a lot of time on baby and getting ready for baby. But that's not the only reason, I just don't have the drive to write.

I've said this before, but this time it's different..or even worse for lack of a better word.  I just don't understand how y'all do it every day.  I don't understand how I did it every day!

I love all of my blogging friends and have made some wonderful new friends here in my state and even a few from other areas. But I just can't be as productive as I once was.

I feel guilty for it too. I don't know why, but I do. I know many of y'all could care less whether I blog or not and I know there are some who will miss me terribly...right?! =)

I'm not going away for good, I've just made a decision that if anything I will try to post at least once a week. And who knows, maybe that once a week will turn in to 2 times a week and grow from there. But right now if I can just get one post in a week, maybe I won't feel so guilty.


Okay after that gushy moment, I was going to write about how we are in a writing rut in the classroom as well, but I'm working through it.

This group is different. They are very independent. So I've decided to make writing an independent practice. We have been trying to write something everyday. Not even in journal style, but making something and writing about it.

They don't get a prompt, they don't get to ask a friend for help, they don't get to ask me for help. They write what they want about their activity then bring it to me and we conference about their work.  It seems to be working so far. Even though I've only tried it for 3 days. I feel guilty throwing them into it like that, but after my results today, I was pretty impressed.

They really are trying and they might just get it. Now if I can keep up with quick and easy writing lessons then maybe it will come together.

Hopefully they'll even get it together before teacher number two comes in in March February, no maybe March...still not sure when baby Mason is coming. Maybe if I stop stressing over school and blog then we'll actually keep the original due date.

Any of you ever feel stuck with writing?  What have you done?