Monday, December 10, 2012

What a difference 5 kids makes

I don't like Mondays.

Do you like Mondays? (probably not)

Well, today is a Monday that I can tolerate. My kiddos have been crazy loco and they seem to just be done with school. They are ready for Christmas and so am I. So we aren't getting along too well.

Every morning I try to have a little chat with God and ask him for patience that I can make it through the day. That I won't raise my voice (even though I usually do), that I won't lose my temper (yep, it happens) and that I can give my kiddos exactly what they need today.

I guess someone was listening and finally gave me a break. I started off my day with 3 kiddos absent. Woot Woot! Don't get me wrong, I love my class they are a great group of kids, but having a small class on a Monday just really gets you going on the right foot. Granted, the 3 that were absent today will have make up testing to do on our last few report card skills, but I can deal.

Then at lunch I had 2 more check out...what what?!!  Are you serious!

So, I am down to 13 kiddos today. We have had the best day ever. My voice has remained nice and calm, my temper has yet to flair once and we are getting A LOT done today.

Another great thing, it's very chilly outside and I'm not one to stand out in the cold while the kiddos run around. So we are had inside play time and it was the quietest play time we've ever had.

What a difference 5 kids makes when they aren't in the room.