Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Long Time No Post - New Activities too

I'm such a bad blogger. I've even had stuff to write about and have just been plum lazy!

I've even lost a couple of followers because of my "disappearance". So I apologize for not being around.

A lot of you commented on my cave from my last post.
I absolutely LOVE this activity. Every year we read "Bear Snores On" by Karma Wilson
After we read the story we do a week long unit on Hibernation. We talk about what types of animals hibernate, why they do it, what they do to prepare for sleeping that long, what happens to their bodies when they sleep and when they usually wake up.

The monthly homework chart has the assignment for the kiddos to bring in a bear on the last day of the week, Friday. I do tell the parents to make sure they send in a bear that is not used often and make sure their child won't miss it.

They bring their bears in on Friday and I already have a cave made. I get brown and black butcher paper and come up with this little creation.
The bears are hidden in the cave and they won't come out until February. I would keep them later, but I don't want to leave that up to my interim to do in March...even though I might change my mind.

So with 8 1/2 days left before Christmas, we are busy with 2nd quarter testing. Who has time for cute Christmas projects and units when you are testing and retesting all day!

At least I was able to finally get a few activities together for TPT. It's been 3 months or more since I've put anything in my store. Ugh!

The first activity is a word family file folder game. The kiddos read the word and put it in Santa's bag if it has the same ending sound. Click on the cover page to get your copy at TPT.

The second activity is a snowman activity for math and literacy. In math, students can add or subtract vertically using the snowballs and snowman mat, then can record their answers. In literacy, students can build CVC words with the snowballs and snowman mat. They can make real and nonsense words and write their words on one of two recording sheets (your choice). Click on the Cover page to see this product on TPT.

I hope you like them. If you purchase them, please leave positive feedback. If you think something needs to change please contact me personally and I will correct it for you.

I'm planning on getting a lot more work done for TPT. So be on the look out. Maybe I'll get those followers back that I lost earlier =/