Saturday, December 8, 2012

January Homework Packet

Hope this gets to everyone before their Christmas break. I feel like I just sent home the December packet. This year has flown by!

Here is the homework packet for January. This follows my calendar, found HERE. I did have to change one thing and that was when my 100's day shirt was due. I'm off by one day. I thought the kiddos came back on the second of January. I was wrong. We go back and the kids come back on the 3rd.
I also added two sight words to the list. Somehow I missed the number word "one" and I added "can". We worked on can this semester, but didn't do it in the homework pack.

Click on the picture above to download your free copy of the homework packet. Please remember to give credit where credit is due. I work really hard on these and they are free because of some of the clip art I use.

I know I've not done much here lately, but I do still like blogging and helping out others. And all of us should know how to be respectful to each other when using our free materials.

Thanks a bunch and pin if you want to =)