Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Photo Dump

I had several days last week where I could have come in here and posted these pictures, but I just could not find the will to get up and sit down at my computer.

Here is what happened in my room before Thanksgiving Break:

1st we did our hand print turkeys. This is pretty much a staple every year. If I don't do these, I didn't celebrate Thanksgiving.

 We did some turkey feather addition. Some of the got it, some not so much. For our first major attempt at a project with addition, I think they did well.

We made the Thanksgiving Story bracelets from A Differentiated Kindergarten. They LOVED this project!

Our home project this month was to disguise the turkey. Can you tell which two belong to my twins?

I found these turkeys on Lil Country Kindergarten. I about pulled my hair out, but we got it done!

We made a folder for all of our Thanksgiving goodies to take home last Tuesday. On the front they drew pictures of what they were thankful for and if they could, they labeled them.

 They made these adorable turkeys in art. The words Gobble Gobble Gobble are throughout the tissue paper.

Lastly, our totally unrelated Thanksgiving project. We made a cave and we have our teddy bears hibernating in there for the winter. Our story last week was Bear Snores On and each kiddo brought a teddy bear that they could part with and we put it in the cave. They are sleeping there, probably until February since I won't be there in March.