Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Class Election

I've never really done anything with election time in Kindergarten. So I thought I would try it this year.
I put a little twist on it though.
Instead of voting for the President. We did something a little more relative to my kiddos right now. Read on to find out.

First we made our Voter Registration Cards.
Then we set up our voting booths and the kiddos came up to cast their ballot.
After they circled their answer, they placed it in the ballot box. Nothing fancy, just a supply box that I had lying around...which shows you this was kind of last minute =)

The last thing they did was come see me and they got an I Voted Today sticker.

So what did they vote on?
Can you read what it says?  It says, "I think it is a...boy    girl"

Yes, that's right we voted on the sex of my baby. I've been reading Old Wives Tales to prepare for my reveal party and one said, poll a group of 5 year olds. Well, it just so happens that I have a lovely group of 5 year old children that I see on a weekly basis.

What was the final result? Well, check out the tally marks.
Unfortunately though, unlike the real election, our actual results won't be known until next Tuesday. I find out Friday and we are off for a 3 day weekend.  So the results are staying up until that time. I already have a plan for sharing the results with the kiddos.

It will be fun!